EasySun Powergrids Inc

       Complete Energy Eco-Solutions
                       For Your Community & Business
  1. Optimal Systems
    EasySun Powergrids Inc ("EasySun", "EasySun PGI") is a Canadian cleantech startup that offers low-cost solutions to help business, government and communities become energy efficient and move to sustainable power sources. ISO 50001-based energy audit, consulting, design & implementation.
  2. In-House Assembly
    Part of EasySun's mission is to design and assemble systems and components in-house and / or by using local professional services. In-house / local assembly allows us freedom of design, build and delivery planning, as well as a higher degree of independence from suppliers' ebbs and flows.
  3. Testing & Research
    We strive to provide our clients with professional advice and tested systems and, at the same time, to position ourselves on the cutting edge of renewable energy sector developments. Be the first-adopters of new ideas. Help cleantech R&D sector by being the testing grounds for new advances in this field.
Our Vision
Interdependent Network Of Smart Microgrids
The age of centralized electrical grids with millions of kilometres of cable and sky-scraping transmission towers is coming to an end.

The modern world community has enough knowledge and technologies available to the general public to harvest cheap, green energy on-site from the Sun, wind, water, Earth and even from “thin air”. We also know how to store power for later use and turn it into ample amounts of all the usable electricity we need.

In accord with this vision, EasySun Powergrids Inc. offers energy audits that enable businesses, communities and government organizations to save huge amounts of resources by identifying efficient methods to reduce energy consumption of existing equipment and buildings, as well as establish prudent energy management and monitoring practices.
Our energy audits are based on internationally-accepted ISO 50001 standard .

The knowledge we gain during an energy audit also allows us to advise our clients on systems that would furtner enhance the efficiency, scalability and reliability, while dramatically reducing the Levelized Cost Of Electricity .

Good bye Fossil Era... You gave us so much, but we can’t be friends anymore... Our love of you is killing us, our children and our planet. You can now rest peacefully... in the ground...
Welcome Solar Age!! We’ve been waiting for you for a long time!
 - Inscription at the reception area of our head office -
Energy Efficiency = Captured Opportunity
Our Goals

  • Power consumption efficiency has a significant impact on bottom line.
  • ISO 50001 energy audit saves $300,000 for 3M Plant in Ontario
  • ISO 50001 saves Ford 500 GWHr of energy.  Enough to power a city.
  • It seems prudent to start upgrading power systems by benchmarking, understanding & tuning the existing networks for optimal  performance.
  • Often an energy audit suggests implementation of sustainable microgrids or their components as the next logical step towards ensuring low cost, high performance, reliability and renewability of power supply.
  • As a result of correct energy management, resources are not just 'saved', they are multiplied when re-invested, as there are no stagnant personnel  or capital in a well-developing organization
  • Reduce western Canada's GHG emissions & environmental pollution
  • Tune up & maintain the existing power systems for optimal performance
  • Answer the need for green, cost-effective, on/off-grid, reliable power solutions in western and northern Canada
  • Supply businesses & communities of Western & Northern Canada with efficient, renewable microgrids
  • Achieve high degree of in-house design, assembly and manufacturing
  • Set up an ambient energy tech R&D, QA and testing facilities. Help science find and implement winning ideas
  • Supply western Canada with hundreds of jobs
  • Move British Columbia to the forefront of green energy progress